Renting tips

Here are 6 renting tips to help you find a place to live in Copenhagen.
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1. Register your CPR number

Always make sure that your landlord allows you to register your Civil Registration number (CPR number) at the address you are staying at. You need a CPR number to gain access to health insurance, open a bank account, get a Danish phone number and so on. Read more about getting a CPR number here

2. Expand your search to Greater Copenhagen 

The rental market for neighbourhoods in Copenhagen is competitive, but you have the option of extending your search to the Greater Copenhagen region. If you travel more than 24 km to and from work each day, you may even be eligible for tax deductions. 

3. Consider flatsharing

Increase your chances of finding an affordable place in Copenhagen by renting a room and sharing a flat with others while you search for a more permanent place. You can also reach out to others in your situation and search for a big apartment together. To get an idea of average rent prices, check out typical housing costs in Copenhagen.   

4. Use your network - and be aware of scammers

Let your friends, family and coworkers know that you are looking for a place to live. Joining Facebook groups such as Accommodation in Copenhagen and Roommate in Copenhagen can also be useful. However, beware of scammers and never make any payment before viewing the accommodation first and signing a legal contract. You can also join Expats in Copenhagen to get housing advice.   

5. Learn about the Danish Rental Act

Acquaint yourself with the Danish rental act and the standard rental contract to find out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Read more about tenant rights and legal aid.  

6. Attend housing events 

International House organises housing events, which cover areas such as rentals, cooperative housing and real estate. You have the opportunity to talk to real estate agents, bank representatives and legal advisors for free. Check out events organised by International House here.