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Tenant rights and legal aid

You can seek legal assistance related to housing from relevant organisations for free or for a fee.

Tenants (or renters) in Denmark are protected by the Danish rental act. If you have been scammed or face problems with your landlord, you can seek help from the following organisations:   

1. Tenants' Organisation (Lejernes Landsorganisation) 

The largest tenants’ organisation in Denmark is Lejernes Landsorganisation (LLO). It provides legal counselling in housing and rent matters for its members for a fee.  

2. Copenhagen Legal Aid (Retshjælp) 

If you need free legal aid with contracts or other issues on renting a home, you can contact Copenhagen Legal Aid (Retshjælp in Danish). You need to fulfil certain conditions to receive free legal aid:

  • Your personal income must not exceed DKK 308,000 a year if you are single
  • ​If you are married or living with a partner, your joint income must not exceed DKK 391,000 a year.

3. Rent Tribunal Board (Huslejenævn) 

The Rent Tribunal Board (Huslejenævn in Danish) settles disputes between landlords and tenants. The Rent Tribunal is neutral, which means that it does not give advice to either party. Landlords and tenants pay a fee to bring a case before the tribunal. 

Examples of cases that can be settled by the rent tribunal:

  • Level of rent or rent increase
  • Utility bills such as water and heating
  • Dispute over the tenant’s duty to leave the property in good order when moving out and return of housing deposit

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4. Rent guide 

If you think that you are paying too much in rent, you can use Rent Guide to check if your rent is too high. If you wish to seek compensation from your landlord or housing administration, you can also let them handle your case with the local housing board. You are only required to pay if the case is won.