The Rent Control Board

On this page you can learn more about the types of disputes The Rent Control Board in Copenhagen can help you with.

The Rent Control Board is a so-called dispute settlement body, which makes decisions regarding disputes between a landlord and a tenant.

The Rent Control Board is neutral, which means that it cannot provide counselling to the tenant or the landlord. The Rent Control Board cannot take up cases on its own initiative.

The Rent Control Board can decide disputes concerning  

  • The size of the rent in residential tenancies and in mixed commercial and residential tenancies, where the langlord is a private owner
  • Rent increases according to the rules of
    • cost-determined rent
    • rental value increases
    • tax and duty increases
    • increases due to improvements
  • Rental value increases
  • Tax and duty increases
  • Increases due to improvements and improvement notifications
  • Landlord's and tenant's duty for maintenance
  • Disagreement about the tenant's duty to repair in connection with moving out
  • Disagreement about repayment of the deposit
  • Tenant's right to do improvement works within the apartment in return for compensation
  • The landlord's accounts to tenant for utilities such as water and heating 
  • Tenant's disregard of good manners and order in the property. Only the landlord can bring in these types of cases.

If the tenancy agreement was entered into after 13 June 2010, The Rent Control Board also accepts cases where the tenant is a business. 

The Rent Control Board cannot decide disputes concerning  

There are many areas in which The Rent Control Board cannot decide disputes concerning - e.g. termination of tenancy. The board cannot decide disputes in the event of disagreement about a transfer of a lease to others, e.g. by exchange or subletting, just as the board cannot reduce the rent with retroactive effect due to defects.

Instead, it is The Housing Court that decides these questions. If you are in doubt as to whether it is The Courts of Denmark or The Rent Control Board, please feel free to contact The Rent Control Board for a clarification.  

You can read more about The Rent Control Board and its services here (in Danish).

The Courts of Denmark

The Courts of Denmark are vested with judicial powers and administrative functions attached thereto, including probate matters, bankruptcy, bailiff's court, land registration and general administration.


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