Creating the liveable city

Copenhagen has a unique big-city environment with green areas, a clean harbour and a world famous cycling culture.

In 2014, the British magazine “Monocle” crowned Copenhagen number one in the list of “The World’s Top 25 Most Liveable Cities” for the third time.

The magazine highlights, amongst other characteristics, the scale of the city, its architecture, the clean harbour, the effectiveness of its transport system and bicycles.

Living in the city and taking part in its life is an active choice for most people. We go down to the café, cycle to work, take a dip in the harbour or go to a concert on one of the city squares. We can do these things because Copenhagen has a unique big-city environment with green areas, a clean harbour and a world famous cycling culture.

In the city’s space we meet other people: both those we know already and those we just see down on the street, people with other values and other lifestyles. So, a varied urban life is an important part of a socially sustainable life.

We will create urban space which invites people to an urban life. We know that urban life arises if people feel safe, if it is clean, there is something to sit on and something to look at.

We know it is good for urban life when there is a mix of homes, culture, work place and shops. We know that Copenhagen already has some of the world’s premium urban space but we can and must be even better, both when we make changes in the city we already know and when it is a matter of new builds.

Our Copenhagen: Visions and goals for urban life in Copenhagen 2035

Copenhagen is and should be a city for people. We will future-proof the city, and we will do it based on the everyday life of the people of Copenhagen. It is about ensuring the best conditions for biking, swimming in the harbour, community in the streets, and playing in green areas – the everyday life and the pulse of Copenhagen.

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The architecture policy of the city of Copenhagen

The main objective of the architecture policy is to facilitate the dialogue with building clients, architects, planners and landscape architects about plans and projects, but in addition, it should offer anyone interested in the urban architecture and spaces an insight into the key goals and focus areas of the City of Copenhagen.

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Trends in Copenhagen’s urban life 2013

Urban Life Account 2013 outlines key trends and present surveys and figures for urban life as well as statements from local citizens about their experiences and opinions. We take stock of the three goals and look at the development of urban life, annual variations, the impact of weather etc. This helps us review our efforts and determine what works.

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