Liveable green city

Copenhagen is to be carbon neutra, cycling is the favoured means of transport, and the city boasts large recreational areas.

Copenhagen City is continuously rated among the most liveable cities in the world.

Copenhagen is a growing metropolitan with an ambitious approach to urban planning and green living. New sustainable city districts are on their way, and with the architecture to match.

Planning a city for life – and cycling – now goes by the term ‘Copenhagenization’

Ambitious climate initiatives

Climate change poses some specific challenges for Copenhagen with increased rainfall, warmer weather and rising sea levels.

Copenhagen is in the process of adapting the city to a changed climate. At the same time Copenhagen as a city and capital takes responsibility for climate change. We want to combine growth, development and quality of life with reduced CO₂ emissions, so that we can become the world's first CO₂ neutral capital.

Copenhagen – the City of Cyclists

Bicycles make out a huge portion of Copenhagen's visual appearance.

When visiting Copenhagen you will not only see bicycles parked at every station and in every street. The most impressing fact is the vast amount of Copenhageners on bikes that are an integrated part of traffic and the urban infrastructure.

The most liveable city

Living in the city and taking part in its life is an active choice for most people.

We go down to the café, cycle to work, take a dip in the harbour or go to a concert on one of the city squares. We can do these things because Copenhagen has a unique big-city environment with green areas, a clean harbour and a world famous cycling culture.


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