The CPH 2025 Climate Plan

The City of Copenhagen has set itself ambitious goals for the city’s social, economic and environmental development.

We will achieve these goals through a transition of our energy supply, building retrofits, waste management, public infrastructure and mobility, as well as other key initiatives to support the transition on both a short-term and long-term basis.

It is our vision that the ambitious goals are implemented in a way that secures and improves the quality of life in Copenhagen and creates opportunities for innovation, jobs and green growth.

The transition to a green economy in Copenhagen cannot happen in one year or through the efforts of each individual stakeholders alone.

Therefore, Copenhagen is collaborating with companies and knowledge institutions to find new solutions to specific challenges. The City of Copenhagen is also striving to increase documentation of its green efforts and to target new initiatives based on available data and evidence.

In 2014 the London School of Economics showed in a report based on extensive analysis why they consider Copenhagen to be a “green economy leader”. Even to those familiar with the Copenhagen story, it makes impressive reading. Among many other things, the report shows that Copenhagen has managed over a long time horizon to develop into a very compact and transport-effective city, even compared with other cities such as Stockholm and London.

LSECities: Copenhagen Green Economy Leader Report