Danish Language Education Programme

If you are 18, live in Denmark and have a CPR number, you are eligible for Danish courses offered by your local municipality.

All self-supporting citizens (employees, beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, students, accompanying spouses, EU/EEA citizens or au pairs) are eligible for a Danish language education programme offered by the municipality of Copenhagen.  

You will receive a referral letter

When you register your residence in Copenhagen, you will receive a referral letter to begin a Danish course at a local language centre.  

Once you receive the referral letter, you have 30 days to inform the language centre of your choice.

If you did not receive a referral letter

If you did not receive a referral letter within 30 days after you arrive in Denmark, please contact the language centre of your choice.

Overview of the Danish language education programme 

Depending on your education level and English language skills, your language school will place you in 1 of the 3 courses available (Danish Education 1, Danish Education 2 or Danish Education 3).

Each course consists of 6 modules. At the end of each course, you can take an exam to prove your Danish language skills.

Visual presentation of the education programme


The Danish language education programme is free, if you are referred from July 1st. 2020 and onwards. However, you need to make a deposit of 2.000 DKK, before you can start your class. The language center of your choice will inform you about the payment of the deposit and the conditions under which the deposit is reimbursable.

Foreigners, enrolled in an integrationprogramme and au pairs are not required to make a deposit.

More information

The voucher system

The Danish language education programme is based on a voucher system. It entitles you to 3.5 years of Danish language education within a 5-year period.

You will receive a number of vouchers corresponding to the number of modules you need to complete a Danish course. Each voucher states the maximum timeframe you are allowed to complete each module.

It is important to complete the module on time so that you have enough vouchers to complete your Danish education.

Contact a Language Education Centre

There are two language education centres contracted by the City of Copenhagen. They administer tests and exams certified by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

Studieskolen (Copenhagen Language Center is a part of Studieskolen from August 1, 2022)

Address: Borgergade 12, 1300 København K
Phone: +45 33 18 79 00


Address: Nørregade 27, 1165 København K
Phone: +45 44 87 01 66

However, you have the right to choose any language school in Denmark to begin your Danish education. 

If you have any questions about Danish language education, fees or the voucher system, you can contact the language education centre of your choice.

Taking a pause from your Danish education

You can pause your education between modules and only between modules. However, you must inform your language education centre beforehand and further make sure that your voucher is paused.

Generel information for students

Collect your exam certificate

If you want to receive your examination certificate from Prøve i Dansk 1, Prøve i Dansk 2, Prøve i Dansk 3 or Studieprøven completed before 1 August 2018, you can make a request at Jobcenter Integration (JCI) through this secure mail.

When making a request for your examination certificate, you must inform JCI of the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your CPR number
  3. Your contact information
  4. The examination certificate your are requesting (Prøve i Dansk 1, Prøve i Dansk 2, Prøve i Dansk 3 or Studieprøven)
  5. The Language Education Centre where you have taken the examination
  6. The year in which you completed the examination
  7. At the end of which semester you completed the examination

JCI will contact you when you can collect your examination certificate.

You must personally collect your examination certificate at Gammel Køge Landevej 43, 2400 Valby. Remember to bring your photo ID before you collect your examination certificate.

Deposit refund

If you want to have your deposit refunded, you must apply for it with one of the City of Copenhagen's providers of Danish education.

  • If your date of birth is between the 1st and the 16th, contact CLAVIS Sprog og Kompetence - go to for contact details.
  • If your date of birth is between the 17th and the 31st, contact UCplus - go to for contact details.

Deposits can be refunded when:

  1. you have paid a deposit for a Danish module
  2. you have passed the module examination for the module to which you were referred
  3. you have passed the final examination for the Danish Language Education
  4. you want to end your Danish Language Education or
  5. you are no longer eligible for Danish Language Education.

A request for a deposit refund can take up to 30 days to process.

Free Danish classes as part of the integration process

You are eligible for free Danish courses for up to 5 years if you are under an integration programme.

In this case, you do not need to contact a language education centre. You will automatically be offered free Danish classes as part of the integration process. 



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