Register your change of address

When you move from one address in Denmark to another within Copenhagen, you need to report your change in address or risk a fine. 

When you change your address, you must inform the municipality to which you move. You can register the change of address online using your NemID, free of charge.  

Registration deadline 

Report your change of address before the registration deadline to avoid a fine of DKK 1000 (2020).

  • Register your change in address as early as 4 weeks (28 days) before you move OR
  • Register your change of address no later than 5 days after you have moved  

You have the option to change to a new doctor 

When you register your change of address, you can choose a new doctor or keep your current doctor. You can choose a new doctor within a radius of 5 km from your new home, free of charge.

Choose your doctor from a list of general practitioners (GP) in the Copenhagen area. However, be aware that not many doctors are open to taking on new patients at the moment.

Receive your new yellow Health Card  

Your name should be clearly displayed on your mailbox so that you can receive your new yellow health card by regular post. This usually takes 2-4 weeks and it is free of charge.  

If you don't receive your new yellow health card in 2-4 weeks, contact a Citizen Service Centre to avoid paying for a new card.