Moving abroad

If you are moving abroad for more than 6 months, or if you are subletting or letting your home while away for a shorter time, you must report this to Citizen Service.

Important when moving abroad

You must report a move abroad

  • if you will be living abroad for more than 6 months, or
  • if you are subletting or letting your home while you are away for a shorter time.

If you planned a stay abroad for less than 6 months but your stay is extended to last more than 6 months, you must report your move as starting from the time when you left the country.

You cannot reside in two countries at the same time.

If you are moving to Greenland, you only have to report your move to the municipality in Greenland that you are moving to. In this case you don’t need to report your move here.

If you are moving to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, or the Faroe Islands, you must report your arrival to the Nordic country that you are moving to before reporting your move abroad here.

You can report your move from as early as 4 weeks before your departure and until the day you leave. If you report your move later than that, you will be fined DKK 1,000 (2023).

When you have reported your move, you must hand in your health insurance card (yellow health card) to Citizen Service. Send the health card to

Copenhagen Citizen Service
Folkeregisteret (The Danish National Register)
Nyropsgade 7
1602 Copenhagen V 

Or you can drop off your card in the mailbox at a Citizen Service centre (see addresses and opening hours (in Danish))

Withdraw your children from school or childcare

To stop any billing from schools or childcare institutions in time, we recommend that you withdraw your children.

If you do not have a NemID/MitID, please contact Pladsanvisningen (the Placement Service) to have them help you.

If you do not have a NemID/MitID, you can book an appointment with Citizen Service to have us help you.

Practical matters before you leave

At you can find a checklist of things to remember when moving abroad.


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