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Danish Language Education Programme

If you are 18, live in Denmark and have a CPR number, you are eligible for Danish courses offered by your local municipality.

All self-supporting citizens (employees, students, accompanying spouses, EU/EEA citizens or au pairs) are eligible for a Danish language education programme offered by the municipality of Copenhagen.  

You will receive a referral letter

When you register your residence in Copenhagen, you will receive a referral letter to begin a Danish course at a local language centre.  

Once you receive the referral letter, you have 30 days to inform the language centre of your choice.

If you did not receive a referral letter

If you did not receive a referral letter within 30 days after you arrive in Denmark, please contact the language centre of your choice.

Overview of the Danish language education programme 

Depending on your education level and English language skills, your language school will place you in 1 of the 3 courses available (Danish Education 1, Danish Education 2 or Danish Education 3).

Each course consists of 6 modules. At the end of each course, you can take an exam to prove your Danish language skills.

See the structure of Danish courses and the timeframe of each module


If you are a self-supporting citizen, you need to pay DKK 2000 per module and a deposit of DKK 1250 before you begin your Danish education. 

Danish courses are free if you are an au pair or part of an integration programme.