Ticket and prices of public transportation

The types of tickets you choose depend on your journey and length of stay in Copenhagen.

You can use public transport tickets on all buses, trains and the metro in Copenhagen. Always remember to have a valid ticket with you to avoid getting fined (DKK 750) during ticket inspection.  

Adults with a valid ticket or city pass can bring 2 children under the age of 12 free of charge. 

Where to buy tickets

You can buy your tickets using the following options:

  • Ticket machines (cash or card) at the airport, train stations, metro stations and 7-Eleven kiosks
  • Mobile app "DOT billetter" for Android or iOS users
  • On the bus (cash only, Danish krone)   

Ticket types and prices

You can find out more about ticket prices using journeyplanner.dk or DOT.

Travel Card (Rejsekort)

If you are staying for a longer period or living in Copenhagen, you can save money by getting a Rejsekort. Find out about the different Rejsekort options to suit your travel needs below:

Go to rejsekort.dk 

Copenhagen card for tourists

If you are a tourist in Copenhagen, you can consider getting a Copenhagen Card that includes access to public transport and various attractions and museums in Copenhagen.