Public transport in Copenhagen

You can get around in Copenhagen safely and easily using the city's well-connected public transport system.

There are several types of public transport in Copenhagen.


There are both buses and harbour buses in Copenhagen, You can check the timetables for buses on the DOT website.

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The Metro

The driverless metro trains in Copenhagen gets you to the city centre from the airport in just 20 minutes.  

Read more at The Copenhagen Metro website

S-trains and long distance trains

S-trains run in the Greater Copenhagen area and are easily recognised by big, red S signs. Long-distance or intercity-trains are trains that run across Denmark. These trains can either be high-speed trains or regional trains.  

Read more at DSB's website

A travel app for planning your journey

If you are travelling around Copenhagen or to other parts in Denmark, it is useful to download a travel app called Rejseplanen or visit

The app can help you find the best route and mode of transport you should take to get to your destination. 

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