Language exchange clubs and language cafés

Share your knowledge, experience and love for languages by joining a language exchange club or a language cafe near you.

Danish café in Vanløse

Ældresagen – Vanløse helps adults who wish to improve their Danish skills. You should already know some basic Danish (Module 2 or similar) before participating.

When: Every Tuesday at 14.00-16.00 (except during the holidays)
Where: Vanløse Library, Jernbane Alle 38, Vanløse
Contact: Annegrethe Rugaard at +45 3871 4072 

Husum library 

Husum library hosts a Danish language club and a language café.

More information about Husum library 

Nørrebro library

Nørrebro library has a number of language exchange clubs (snakkeklub) where you can practise Danish, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Mandarin and Japanese. 

More information about language exchange clubs at Nørrebro library


Studenterhuset holds a language café where you can practise Danish, Italian, Spanish, French and other languages.

More information about Studenterhuset events


You can combine your love for art and improve your Danish by joining this weekly event by SMK Kom.  

More information about SMK KOM