Water, gas, heating and electricity

You need to have a CPR number to use the services of Danish supply companies.

In Denmark, it is common to pay a fixed prepayment ("a conto" in Danish) that is included in your rent to cover the cost of utilities. You may receive a refund or be asked to pay more depending on your actual consumption.

You can choose to change your electricity supplier or gas supplier. Typically, one supplier will have a universal service obligation where you live. They will automatically be your supplier unless you choose another supplier.

Before you move in

Read your contract thoroughly and check if any utilities are included in your rent. Heating and water supply are normally provided when you move in. However, you need to personally contact service providers before you can start using electricity or gas in your new home. 

When you move out

When you move out, remember to read your meters and inform your service providers or you will be charged for the utilities you did not use.