Non-disclosure of name and address

Listing your address as private (name and address protection,) you can prevent your name and address from being disclosed to private individuals.

Facts about name and address protection

Anybody can apply for name and address protection.

Your name and your address will not be disclosed to private individuals.

The protection registration will take effect in the Civil Registration System (CPR) immediately but can take a day to propagate to other systems.

If you apply for protection in connection with a move to a new address, you won’t be listed in directories. If you apply for protection independent of moving, you will need to contact your telecommunications provider and ask them to no longer disclose your information to directories.

The protection is in effect for one year, also if you should move.

You can apply to extend the protection when it expires. If you have applied for protection online, you will receive notice via Digital Post when the protection is close to expiring.

If you would like to remove a protection that you applied for online, you can likewise apply online to have it removed. Use the link in the box below.

Public authorities will still be able to get access to your address.

Private creditors or other private individuals can obtain access to your address if they are able to document that you are behind on payments, or if they have an interest in bringing proceedings, for example.

Apply for protection of name and address or to have a protection removed

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