Marketing protection

Sign up for marketing protection to avoid getting calls from salespeople and direct advertising addressed to you. This protection is also known as the Robinson list.

Facts about marketing protection (the Robinson list)

With this protection you can prevent direct marketing purpose calls from salespeople and direct marketing advertising being sent to you.

The marketing protection can take up to three months to take effect.

The protection will remain in effect until you remove it, also if you move to a new address.

Research institutes and non-profit charity associations may still contact you.

If you wish to remove the marketing protection, log in to the same place where you sign up.

The protection does not include general advertising fliers and weekly savers that are put in your letter box. If you don’t want to receive general advertising and weekly savers, sign up for Nej til reklamer (No advertising) (in Danish).

Sign up for 'Nej til reklamer" (No advertising) (in Danish)

Sign up or remove a marketing protection

If you don't have MitID

If you do not have a MitID, book an appointment with Citizen Service to let us help you sign up or remove a marketing protection.

Book an appointment with Citizen Service

Bring a valid personal ID, such as a driving licence, health insurance card, or original name/baptism/birth or personal data certificate.

Get a personal data certificate (


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