Assistive devices

You are eligible to apply for an assistive device if you have a permanent physical or mental disability.

Apply for assistive devices

Before you apply for assistive devices, you need the following information:

  • Which doctor examined or treated you
  • ​Your disability and the assistive device you require
  • Permission for the City of Copenhagen to obtain information from your doctor about your disability

The City of Copenhagen can also help you to equip your home for your disability, including fitting handles in the bathroom and removing door steps.

Assistive device online application (in Danish)

You must login using MitID

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If you do not have a MitID

If you do not have a MitID, you can also send your application by mail.

If you are younger than 65

You must apply with Borgercenter Handicap.

Send your application to:

Borgercenter Handicap
Borups Allé 43
2200 Copenhagen N

If you are 65 years old and above

Send your application by mail to:

Hjælpemiddelcentret - Personlige hjælpemidler (assistive devices)
Hans Knudsens Plads 3
2100 København Ø

How to apply assistive devices for a family member

If a person cannot apply for his or her own assistive device, a guardian or a family member can help with the application.

In order to apply for an assistive device you need the signature or MitID of the person who needs the device. If the citizen cannot fill out the form alone, a guardian or family member can help with the application.

Requirements for online application:

  • The person's CPR number
  • The person's MitID.

Go to online application service here

Processing and delivery time

The processing time for an application for assistive devices is 4 weeks. If you need to replace an assistive device, it normally takes one week. The delivery time for an assistive device varies from case to case.

Types of assistive devices

In general, there are two categories of assistive devices which you can apply from the City of Copenhagen:

1. Personal assistive devices

These refer to the devices which you carry on your body that can be adjusted to your personal needs (including disposable devices). This includes wigs, hearing devices, arch supports, surgical shoes, compression socks, diabetes devices, diapers, urine bags, ostomy care products, prostheses (excluding dentures) and bandages.

2. Technical assistive devices

These refer to devices which you borrow from the City of Copenhagen's assistive device centre. This includes walkers, wheelchairs, beds, lifts, alarm systems, pillows, duvets, tricycles, toilet, bath chairs and low vision devices.


Borgercenter Handicap

Borups Allé 43

2200 København N