Pregnancy and childbirth

You should contact your doctor when you are pregnant to get relevant information and support throughout your pregnancy.

After the doctor confirms the pregnancy, he or she will refer you to a midwife. You can get information about relevant courses and antenatal education from your midwive and your doctor.

Information, tests and counselling related to prenatal examinations are all provided free of charge to pregnant women.

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After giving birth

After you leave the hospital, a health visitor makes home visits several times during the first year to ensure that mother and baby are well, to monitor the baby's health and to offer advice.

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Join a mother's group

Most new mothers in Denmark join a mother’s group. A mother's group consists of 4-6 women who have given birth around the same time. You can get help and support from other mothers in your situation. 

Your health visitor can arrange for you to join a mother’s group. You can choose if you would like to participate or not.

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