Going to a doctor

You are automatically assigned a doctor (General Practitioner) when you register for your CPR number.

When you receive your Yellow Health Card (sygesikringsbevis), you can see the name, address and telephone number of the doctor you are assigned to.

Before you go to your doctor, you need to call and make an appointment or use an online booking system.

Remember to bring your Yellow Health Card (sundhedskort) when you visit your doctor.

Making a doctors appointment

Have your CPR number ready when you call your doctor. This helps the doctor or nurse to find your records and view your medical history.

Most doctors have telephone hours every morning between 8.00 and 9.00 am. You can call to talk about urgent issues that require medical assessment.

If your condition requires special attention, your doctor will refer you to a specialist or a hospital.

Access your medical records using sundhed.dk

You can get more information about the Danish healthcare system, view your medical records and book an appointment with your GP at sundhed.dk.

You need to log in with your MitID to access personalised services.

Go to sundhed.dk to access your medical records (in Danish)

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If you need help outside your doctor's opening hours

If you need a doctor on weekdays after 4 pm or on weekends, you can call the emergency medical helpline at 1813.

Read more about the medical helpline at regionh.dk.

If you don't have a yellow health card

If it is an emergency, most doctors in Copenhagen will see you even if you do not have a Danish health insurance card. You need to find a doctor nearest to you and call to make an appointment.

Your child's doctor

If parents do not have the same doctor, the child will automatically have the mother’s doctor.

The parents may allow the child to follow the father's doctor or have a third doctor by mutual consent. To do so book an appointment with Citizen Service.

Book an appointment with Citizen Service

When children are 15 years of age, they will receive a letter about how to choose their own doctor.


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