Request a certificate of residence/marital status

If you need to document your current or former address, you can ask us to print a certificate of residence for you. We can also add your marital status, your citizenship, and former names to the certificate.

A certificate of residence documents your current and any former addresses. You can choose to also have your marital status listed on the certificate in which case the document is called a certificate of marital status. 

Your citizenship and your former names can also be listed on the certificate if you want.

The certificate can be made in Danish, English, or German.

The fee for the certificate is DKK  75 (2024). The fee is due when you send us your request. If all you need is to be able to document who you are, you can have a certificate of personal data made for free at instead.

Get a personal data certificate (in Danish) (

The certificate of residence will be sent to your digital mailbox. If you are not signed up for Digital Post, it will be sent to you through regular mail.

If you would like a certificate of residence for an address in Copenhagen where you lived before 1971, you need to write to Folkeregisteret (the Danish National Register) via Digital Post.

Write to the Danish National Register (Folkeregisteret) via Digital Post

Request a certificate

If you don't have MitID

If you do not have a MitID, you can book an appointment with Citizen Service, then we can help you.

Book an appointment with Citizen Service

Bring a valid ID such as your passport, driving license, health insurance card, or an original certificate of name, baptism, birth, or personal data.

Get a personal data certificate (in Danish) (


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