Identity card

You can use an identity card as a picture ID in a number of situations.

If you are older than 15, you can be issued an identity card. The identity card replaces the former ID card for young people.

You can use the identity card as a form of ID in a number of situations, though not all.

Read more about the limitations of the identity card ( (in Danish)

How to get an identity card

You can get an identity card by booking an appointment with Citizen Service. Bring ID such as your health insurance card (the yellow health card), for example.

Book an appointment with Citizen Service

The fee for the identity card is DKK 150 (2024) and includes a photo.  

We will take a photo of you for the card.

The card will have your CPR number and your nationality printed on it and will be valid for 10 years.

You will receive the identity card in the post within 14 days.

Buy an identity card at Citizen Service


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