Reception classes in public schools

Reception classes are available to help non-Danish speaking children adapt to the public school system in Denmark.

In general, non-Danish speaking children are either placed in a reception class with other non-Danish-speaking students or are placed in a regular Danish-speaking class but are given extra support in the language. The purpose of a reception class is to introduce non-Danish speaking students to the Danish language and the Danish school system. 

Reception classes are placed in public schools. There are ongoing start dates in schools for students who are new in Copenhagen.

The education in the reception classes takes place in age-divided classes as follows:

  • "Indskoling" for children from 6-9 years
  • "Mellemtrin" for children from 9-13 years 
  • "Udskoling" for children from 13-16 years

There are also reception classes for students from 15-17 years.

Transition from reception class to normal class

If the student starts in a reception class, the student will shortly after the start begin the transition to other classes in the school. The transition will start in subjects where the student has special interests in that will benefit his or her progress in learning Danish. When the student is ready, the final transition to a normal class will take place. The maximum time in a reception class is two years. After that, the student will attend a normal class either at the same school in which the student has attended a reception class, the local district school or another school.

Reception classes are placed in all areas in Copenhagen. The headmaster of the school will assess the student´s need for transportation by considering the age of the child and the distance between the school and the home. 


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