Enrolling your child in school

Children aged between 6 to 16 can attend the city's public schools (Folkeskole) for free.

Education is mandatory for children aged between 6 to 16 in Denmark. During the year before your child turns 6, you will receive a letter from the school in your district asking you to enrol your child in school.

Non-Danish speaking children

Before you can enrol your child in a public school, you and your child need to have a registered address in Copenhagen and your stay in Copenhagen needs to be for a period of more than 6 months. Your child does not need a CPR-number to start school – the process of the enrolment can start immediately when you have a registered address.

How to enrol your child in school

Contact the local area office (see map below) according to your address.

The local area office will ask for the following information:

  • Name of the child
  • Date of birth or CPR-number
  • Address
  • Parents' contact information (email and/or telephone number)
  • Country of origin
  • The child's most fluent language

The coordinator from the local area office will then invite you and your child to a meeting to uncover your child's needs, skills, languages as well as literacy and numeracy – all this to make sure that your child will have the best individual offer for school.

After this, the teacher and the coordinator will recommend either a normal class with extra language support or a reception class.

Search for your address and click on the map to see which area office you belong to:

Enrolment procedure for Danish-speaking children

You can register your preferences for a school in the City of Copenhagen on our Danish website www.kk.dk/skole. You can also inform us if you have applied for enrolment at a private school or a public school outside Copenhagen. 

You can enrol your child online at the City of Copenhagen’s page on school enrolment. 

If you wish to enrol your child in school outside the regular enrolment period, you have to contact your district school. Your district school is normally located close to where you live and your child will be ensured a place there. 

Log on to Aula if you are a diplomat posted in Denmark

In order to log on to Aula you and your family must be CPR-registered and have a MitID.

Diplomats who work in Denmark can receive help through the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can set up CPR numbers to diplomats and their families, ensure the correct registration of children and help with MitID.


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