Childcare options for children with special needs

Several childcare options are available for children with special needs, depending on the age and functional level of the child.

Children with special needs find it more difficult to learn compared to most children their age because of medical issues, physical disabilities, mental illness, learning or behavioural problems. As each special needs child is unique, there should be close cooperation between you as a parent and your child’s childcare institution.  

Special childcare in Copenhagen 

Special institutions are available for children with severe and permanent mental or physical disabilities. 

We provide 7 special childcare facilities which can accommodate a total of 187 children. Each institution caters to different needs. All children who attend a special day care facility are provided with free transport between their home and the institution. 

The staff in the special childcare facilities work together with other experts to provide the best care for your child.  

Placing your child in a special childcare facility 

If your child is being looked after by a childminder or at a childcare institution, the staff and other relevant professionals together with you as a parent will evaluate whether your child will benefit from a special day care facility. 

If you look after your child at home, you should contact a health visitor who will evaluate whether your child will benefit from a special day care facility.  

If it is decided that a special childcare is the ideal solution for your child, a social worker from the local area will recommend a special day care place for your child in cooperation with the institution and you as a parent. A panel of experts from the local area will evaluate the recommendation before assigning a childcare facility to your child. 


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