The Health and Care Administration

The Health and Care Administration is responsible for the City’s care of senior citizens (65 years or older) as well as its health care.

In the senior citizens area, the main responsibilities include home care, assistive devices, sheltered and residential homes, reablement, training, activity offers and dental care.

Facts about the Health and Care Administration

Core services: Homes suitable for care, home care, assistive devices, day centres, dental care for senior citizens and special dental care, preventive and health promoting activities, reablement and training, rehabilitation, free physiotherapy, collaboration with the Capital Region of Denmark in the hospital and health area, the City’s HSE advisory service, basic social and health education and the nursing education. 

Mayor: Sisse Marie Welling

Committee: Health and care committee

Employees: 10,000

Budget: 6.4 billion kroner

Main professions: Social and health care helpers and assistants and nurses 


The Health and Care Administration

Borups Allé 41

2200 København N

Phone opening hours


08:30 - 15:00


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