Information on invoicing

Read more about our requirements for e-invoicing.

In the City of Copenhagen, we only we receive e-invoices in the electronic format OIOUBL.

Here you will find the Ministry of Finance’s order on electronic settlement with the public sector (in Danish).

Did you get an order number when ordering?

Then your e-invoice must contain an EAN-number and order number.

Did you not get an order number when ordering?

Then your e-invoice must contain an EAN-number and userID for the person who has to approve the e-invoice – you will be informed of the userID by the person who has ordered the product or the service.

Do you invoice in PEPPOL format?

If you invoice in the PEPPOL format you may use EAN/GLN-number 5798009809490.

You may therefore not use the EAN-number that is stated on the purchase order.

The abovementioned number is only for use during a shorter transition period, until the City of Copenhagen supports PEPPOL fully in the entire organisation.

Questions and answers about invoicing in general

What is an EAN-number?

An EAN-number is 13-digit identification, which every public institution must have. It is primarily used when a business must do e-invoicing to the public sector. The EAN-number tells which unit in the City of Copenhagen who is responsible for the purchase. It is important that the correct EAN-number is on your e-invoice, so that it will be paid on time.

The EAN-number can be found on the electronic order under EAN location number.

If you have not received an electronic order, you will have to be informed of the EAN-number by an employee in the City of Copenhagen, who is ordering the product or the service.

How quickly does the City of Copenhagen pay its contractors?

The City of Copenhagen’s payment deadline is generally 30 days.


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