Youth centres and youth clubs

Children and youths can join various leisure activities at youth centres and youth clubs after school.

Youth centres (10 to 14 years old)

Enrolment for youth centres is open between 1 May and 1 August in the year which the child is about to start in 4th grade (10 years old).

If you arrive in Copenhagen with a child over 10 years old, you are welcome to contact the Placement Service (Pladsanvisningen).

Opening hours

Youth clubs are usually open after school hours until 17:00.  


DKK 448 per month

Youth clubs (14-18 years old)

Youth clubs offer various activities such as sports, music, theatre and outdoor activities.

Enrolment for youth clubs is open between 1 May and 1 August in the year which the child is about to start in 8th grade (14 years old).

Opening hours

Most youth clubs are normally open on weekdays and during weekends from 12:00 until 22:00. It is best to contact specific club to find out the opening hours.