What are my obligations as a cross-border commuter?

After being employed in Denmark you must contact the Danish Tax Agency in order to get a tax number.

You can find you local tax center here:
Skattecenter København
Sluseholmen 8b
2450 Copenhagen SV

In order for your employer to know how much tax to deduct from your salary, you will need a tax card. The tax card contains information about your withholding rate, deductions and allowances.

Note that the tax card is in electronic form and is also called an e-tax card.

You can request a tax number and a tax card by completing form no. 04.063 from the Danish Tax Agency (available in four languages: English, Polish, German and Danish).

The form can be obtained from your local tax centre or downloaded from the Danish Tax Agency’s website:

You can also contact your local tax centre or one of the International Citizen Service Centres:

International Citizen Service East
Gyldenløvesgade 11
1600 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 33666606
E-mail: east@icitizen.dk

Office hours:
Monday-Wednesday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Please be aware that you may also be partly liable to pay tax in your home country.

If you are here 3 months or less

Your personal tax number works like a civil registration number, i.e. it is your Danish personal identification number.

If you are working here for 3 months or less, you will get a tax number instead of a civil registration number.

If you are here more than 3 months

If you are to work and live here for more than 3 months you will have to register with the Danish National Register (Folkeregisteret) at your local citizen service centre before you contact the Danish Tax Agency.

This is in order to get a civil registration number, also known as CPR number. If you have previously worked and/or lived in Denmark, you will already have a civil registration number or a personal tax number.

Information about getting af CPR number at How do I get a CPR number?

Cross-border commuters do not need to apply for a residence or work permit or an EU Certificate of Registration in Denmark.

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