What is ‘feriepenge’ (holiday allowance)?

Feriepenge (holiday allowance) is money you earn when you work. Your employer pays them into your FerieKonto (holiday account).

You will then get the money paid out when you have holiday.

Some salaried employments get paid holiday instead of holiday allowance.

FerieKonto receives contributions from your employer and transfers them to you when you take your holiday.

How much holiday allowance?

Your employer calculates your holiday pay. Your holiday pay is 12,5 percent of your pay. This complies with 2.08 days of holiday for every month that you are employed. If you have worked for 12 months, you have earned holiday pay for 5 weeks’ holiday.

Go to lifeindenmark.dk to see, how you get the holiday allowance. The earliest you can receive your holiday pay is from the 1st of May.

Your holiday pay will be paid into your NemKonto when you take holiday. You can also fill in the holiday form online. See What is a NemKonto (Easy Account)?.

Go to Who pays for my holidays? for more information.