Private childcare

You have 3 options for private childcare in Copenhagen if you have a registered address in Copenhagen.

1. Private childcare run by a childminder (privat pasning), 0-6 years

In private childcare run by a childminder, the person only looks after other people’s children. Your child can be cared for in your home, the childminder's home or in business premises.


The price is normally negotiated with the childminder. Part of the childminder's salary is subsidised by the city of Copenhagen. 


If you choose private childcare, you are not eligible for a free place subsidy. However, if both your children are in private childcare, you will automatically receive a sibling subsidy. The sibling subsidy is 42.5% of the cheapest child care offer.    

Apply for private child care

You need to contact the private childminder directly to ask if they have a place for your child.

Go to the message board to find the contact information (in Danish).

For further guidance and information on subsidies and more, please call INFO-team at 70 25 06 60 and press 4. You can also come by the office at Nyropsgade 7, 1st floor or send us an email at

2. Private childcare institutions (private institutioner), 0-6 years 

Private childcare institutions can be nurseries and kindergartens that are run privately. You need to contact them directly to get a place.


The cost of a place in a private institution varies. The individual institution sets the price and collects it directly.


You can apply for a free place subsidy and you are automatically entitled to a sibling discount if you have more than one child. Contact the individual institution to find out how much it costs.

Find about more on prices of childcare services.

Waiting list

The institution adminsters their own waiting list and you must contact them directly in order to put your child on the waiting list in a private institution. If you say yes to a placement in a private institution then your child will be taken off the waiting list for nursery and daycare.

3. Minding your own child (pasning af egne børn) between the age of 12 months to 3 years.

As a parent in Copenhagen you can receive subsidy for minding your own child if the child is between the age of 12 months to 3 years old. This chance of receiving this subsidy will begin on the 1st March 2021.

Who can receive the subsidy?

You can receive the subsidy if you:

  • do not have any other income whilst receiving the subsidy
  • have lived in Denmark for past 7 out of 8 years
  • have sufficient Danish language skills so you can develop your child’s Danish proficiency skills
  • have custody of the child
  • are staying in the City of Copenhagen with the child
  • are minding your child for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 1 year
  • have not received the subsidy before

How much subsidy can you get?

You may receive 6.706 kr. in subsidy before taxes a month per child.

You may apply for the subsidy here (in Danish).