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Private childcare

You have 2 options for private childcare in Copenhagen if you have a registered address in Copenhagen.

1. Private childcare run by a childminder (privat pasning), 0-6 years

In private childcare run by a childminder, the person only looks after other people’s children. Your child can be cared for in your home, the childminder's home or in business premises.


The price is normally negotiated with the childminder. Part of the childminder's salary is subsidised by the city of Copenhagen. 


If you choose private childcare, you are not eligible for a free place subsidy. However, if both your children are in private childcare, you will automatically receive a sibling subsidy. The sibling subsidy is 42.5% of the cheapest child care offer.    

2. Private childcare institutions (private institutioner), 0-6 years 

Private childcare institutions can be nurseries and kindergartens that are run privately. You need to contact them directly to get a place.


The cost of a place in a private institution varies. The individual institution sets the price and collects it directly.


You can apply for a free place subsidy and you are automatically entitled to a sibling discount if you have more than one child. Contact the individual institution to find out how much it costs.

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