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Identity card

With an identity card you can prove who you are, how old you are and your nationality. You can buy an identity card from when you are 15.

In many events you must be able to prove who you are. For example, you must show identification if you want to make a hire-purchase, travel or open a bank account.

It is your responsibility to check which identification you can use. If you are going to make a hire-purchase in a store, you must contact the store.

How to buy an identity card

  • You buy an identity card by visiting the Citizen Service Centre closest to you and present a certificate of baptism, name or birth
  • The identity card states your civil registration number, and there must be a photo of you on the identity card
  • The identity card replaces the previous ID card for young people. The identity card will be for you if you do not have a passport or a driving licence
  • The card costs DKK 150 inclusive of a photo (2018 and 2019). A photo of you will be taken when you order the identity card.
  • You must live in Denmark and be more than 15 in order to buy the card. The identity card is valid for 10 years.