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How does the pension scheme work in Denmark?

Your pension is paid for by yourself, the government and maybe your employer.

In Denmark you recieve state pension from the state of Denmark, but a lot of people choose to deposit money to a pension company.

In some cases you employer deposits money for your pension, but that depends on your contact and terms of employment.

State pension

You may be entitled to state pension when you reach the state pension age. If you are a wage earner, your employer will as a rule see to it that part of your wage is paid into a pension scheme.


ATP Livslang Pension (ATP lifelong pension) is a pension scheme enforced by law. ATP secures that you get extra pension besides your state pension.

ATP is automatically paid to you when you reach the pension age. 

Individual pension

Furthermore, you have the possibility to set up an individual pension scheme. For that you need a private pension company.

There are a lot of those private pension companies in Denmark and Copenhagen, and they are often connected to a bank.

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