How do I get pre-natal care?

When you are pregnant, the City of Copenhagen will offer you physical health checks and antenatal education during your pregnancy.

Physical health checks

It is recommended that the pregnant woman has 9 physical health checks during the pregnancy. In average one per month. The first examination takes place at the woman’s family doctor. A midwife does most subsequent health checks.


Pregnant women in Denmark are offered 2 ultrasound scans free of charge.

  • The first scan is between week 11 and week 14.
  • The second scan is between week 18 and week 20.

The purpose of the scans is to make sure that everything is fine. The scans are optional.  

Antenatal classes

As a pregnant woman in Copenhagen you are offered free antenatal classes. The antenatal classes will often take place in the hospital that you (after talking to the doctor) are assigned to.

The hospitals have different antenatal education programs that they offer expectant parents. This will often be 3-5 evenings of education; about what to expect at the birth - and also about what it is like to have a new-born.

The woman will also learn how to do breathing and physical exercises to make giving birth easier and less painful.