How do I get my certificate of criminal record?

Some companies and employers want to check your criminal record before they employ you. You'll get it at self-service using your NemID.
  1. Go to (opens a new window)
  2. Click in the "Start" button next to the headline "Bestil privat straffeattest" (Order a private certificate of criminal record)
  3. Log in with NemID
  4. You can get the certificate of criminal record in Danish, German, English, French or Spanish

Notice the page is in Danish.

If you cannot use the digital self-service solution 

You need a NemID to order the certificate online. If you don't have NemID, please read the page How do I get NemID?

If you for some reason cannot get a NemID, you must contact the police.

Various types of certificates of criminal record

  • Certificate of criminal record for private use.
  • Certificate of criminal record for the use of police and public authorities.
  • Certificate of criminal record for a person's suitability to work with children.