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How do I get my certificate of criminal record?

Some companies and employers want to check your criminal record before they employ you. You'll get it at self-service using your NemID.

You can have the certificate of criminal record in Danish, German, English, French or Spanish.

Please note that the digital self-service solution is in Danish, but you can change the language once you have logged in.

Go to the self-service solution here. Notice the page is in Danish. Press the big green button.

If you don't have NemID, go to How do I get NemID?

If you cannot use the digital self-service solution 

You can go to your local police station to get your certificate of criminal record. Please bring:

  • Valid ID, for example passport or driving licence.
  • Letter of consent from your parents, if you are below 18 years of age.

Various types of certificates of criminal record

  • Certificate of criminal record for private use.
  • Certificate of criminal record for the use of police and public authorities.
  • Certificate of criminal record for a person's suitability to work with children.