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How can the job centre help me find a job?

The role of the job centre is to help you with your job search.

The job centre has different offers for job seekers, among other things they can help you:

  • Upgrade your skills.
  • Expand your network.
  • Get relevant work experience.
  • Improve your applications and your CV.

Opportunity for job search at the job centre

There are computers available at the job center which you can use for your job search.

See more about where to find your job centre.

If you are new in Copenhagen and Denmark

Part of the job centre works with newly arrived residents from abroad for the first five years of their stay in Denmark. This includes integration process and introduction programmes, including referral to Danish classes, proceedings relating to family reunion, upgrading of skills such as referral to subsidised employment and training, introduction to the Danish labour market, etc.

If you receive unemployment benefits and have been in Denmark for less than three years

If you receive unemployment benefits, you belong to the job centre no matter how long you have been in Denmark.

When you visit your job centre, you have to bring your NemID. Read more about getting your NemID.