Can I bring my pension abroad?

If you receive pension benefits and wish to move abroad it may be possible for you to take your benefits with you.

It depends on which country you are moving to and for how long you have lived in Denmark.

There is a clear distinction between travelling abroad for a shorter period of time and moving abroad altogether.

Moving abroad – take your benefits with you

If you wish to move abroad please call Udbetaling Danmark at +45 70 12 80 61.

Travelling abroad temporarily

If you are travelling abroad for a short period of time, it does not affect your pension which will still be paid by the City of Copenhagen.

Your stay abroad is considered temporary if:

  • You keep your registered address in Denmark.
  • You only travel once and for a period of maximum 12 months or
  • you travel several times and the journeys last less than 3 to 4 months. You must not travel for more than 6 months during one year.

If you travel more than that or if you are not sure whether your stay abroad affects your pension benefits, please call Udbetaling Danmark at +45 70 12 80 61.

If you receive health benefits or personal benefits, you must notify the City of Copenhagen.

Tax on Danish pension when you live abroad

If you take your Danish pension with you abroad, you are still required to pay tax on the pension payments in Denmark.

In special agreements that Denmark has made with other countries, it is often agreed that you must pay tax to the country where the payment comes from.

In other cases, you must pay tax on the payments in the country where you live.