Ambitious Growth Policies

Copenhagen is among the top 5 fastest growing big-city destinations in Europe, and is a growth engine for Denmark.

Since 65 % of the world's GDP is generated in cities, it is essential to optimally exploit the growth opportunities in the capital city. The goal of the City of Copenhagen’s ‘Business and Growth Policy’ is to become Northern Europe's leading business metropolis - where growth and quality of life go hand in hand. By 2020, the annual GDP growth will have increased to 5 %, with an estimated 20,000 new private jobs created, and productivity will have increased by 4 %. These ambitious goals will be achieved through strengthening and maintaining Copenhagen as an open city that attracts international companies, investments, highly skilled international professionals, tourists and big events.

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Business service

The City of Copenhagen provides one entry point to municipal services, and continually seeks to improve service and communication efforts in general. The city is committed to closer and more frequent dialogue with local businesses, to increase the digitalisation of services to the business community, and to keep enhancing the coherence and efficiency of this communication strategy. 

Strategic City Development

Future strategic city development efforts will include: providing attractive localisation opportunities, a diverse range of businesses, space for the 100.000 additional citizens by 2025, and a high level of mobility and accessibility through strengthened public transport and bicycle infrastructure. The City will continue to be open to creative and experimental solutions, and to develop Copenhagen as an attractive “smart city” with a strong environmental profile. 

Interaction and Innovation

The City of Copenhagen will continue to pursue innovative and holistic thinking in public procurement and encourage SMEs to actively participate in public tenders. The City will increasingly cooperate with external suppliers to solve challenges; strengthen the framework for partnerships based on innovation, and create an effective, comprehensive and coherent advisory system for entrepreneurs. 

Education and Employment

Copenhagen will strengthen competencies within innovation, entrepreneurship and risk-taking among the youth in primary, secondary and higher education, while also working to ensure that more young people receive a secondary education. Furthermore, the city will work to inspire local talent to offer their services to innovative businesses with job openings. We also encourage private businesses to establish more internships and traineeships.  


The City of Copenhagen is dedicated to attracting foreign businesses, investment and highly-skilled labour. We plan to do this through strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration and by developing an international service concept. The City will focus on attracting capital for development projects, more flight routes into Copenhagen Airport, and more tourists from local as well as new catchment areas. Copenhagen will position itself on the world map through branding of Copenhagen and marketing of the city’s solutions.