Are you thinking about moving to Copenhagen?
The city of Copenhagen welcomes you as a new citizen. Here you can read about how to move to Copenhagen.
Learn more about the transportation system, where to hang out with the copenhageners and what cultural activities Copenhagen have to offer.
Copenhagen consists of many different neighbourhoods. Most are only 20 minutes away from the city centre by bike or public transport.
You can get access to the internet in your home, or you can visit the libraries, internet cafes or regular cafes in Copenhagen.
In order to buy either a telephone or a contract for a mobile connection you must have a CPR number.
A media licence is a type of media tax that everyone who has a television, or indeed any device with internet access, has to pay.
There are several ways of finding a home in Copenhagen. However The City of Copenhagen cannot help you with your search for a place to live.
There are a number of housing portals in Denmark.


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