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Copenhagen's playgrounds

The City of Copenhagen has more than 125 playgrounds spread across the city, 26 of which are staffed by qualified childcare specialists.

Both staffed and non-staffed playgrounds are free to use.

​Find a playground

See where all the playgrounds are located in the different parts of the city.

Go to website with map (in Danish).

Manned playgrounds

The manned playgrounds have qualified staff present that offer activities for children. They lend out go-karts, mooon buggies and bicycles.

At many playgrounds the staff also offer help with homework, arrange playgroups, sewing workshops, rhythmic classes for babies and many other activities.

The playgrounds are very different and some specialize in subjects like traffic, nature, growing plant etc.

Playgrounds with animals

At the playgrounds, Byoasen (website in Danish) at Nørrebro, your child can experience, touch and see lots of different animals.

Playgroups for families with young children

In the many cultural centres of Copenhagen, there are often different events for parents and children aged 0 to 4. Here you can meet up and talk, play, sing, share experiences and have a good time.

Find a cultural centre close to you at this map of cultural centres in Copenhagen (the map is in Danish).

Handicap and wheelchair-accessible playgrounds

 The following staffed playgrounds have accessible toilets:

  • Christianshavns Vold [Christianshavn Rampart]
  • Elba
  • Bondegården [The Farm]
  • Enghaveparken [Enghave Park]
  • Skydebanen [The Shooting Range]
  • Ørstedsparken [Ørsted Park]
  • Trafiklegepladsen [Traffic Playground]
  • Tårnlegepladsen [Tower Playground]