Copenhagen can turn the Big Apple.

"Cities play a decisive role in the global fight against climate change."

During UN Climate Week in New York, Lord Mayor Frank Jen-sen of Copenhagen will be seeking to draw attention to the role that cities play in efforts to reduce the impact of global warming. While there, Lord Mayor Jensen will take part in city network C40 activities. He will also hold the official opening of the House of Green showroom at the Danish CleanTeach Hub, which is envi-sioned as a beachhead for Danish companies looking to enter the American market.

Copenhagen has a global reputation as a leader in efforts to reduce the impact of climate change. One of the ways the city does that is by participating in the city network C40. Today marks the first time Co-penhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen will be taking part in a meeting of the organisation’s steering committee.

“Cities play a decisive role in the global fight against climate change. While in New York I will explain what we have done in Copenhagen to be able to link efforts to reduce the impact of global warming with economic growth and job creation. Our main focus has been on crea-ting clean cities with a high standard of living and which are places where people can live and work without having to worry about pollu-tion,” Lord Mayor Frank Jensen says.

“Being included in the C40 steering committee is a recognition of our efforts. This is an opportunity for us to help set the guidelines for glo-bal cities as they seek to implement their own climate initiatives.”

Since cities are responsible for 70% of the world’s carbon pollution, it will have a major impact if they follow Copenhagen’s example. Co-penhagen has set a goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral capital, and as part of those efforts it has already reduced carbon-dioxide emissions 40% since 1995.

On Monday, Lord Mayor Jensen will participate in the steering com-mittee meeting. He will then speak to the UN Climate Group together with Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes, who is also the chair of the C40. On Tuesday, Lord Mayor Jensen will address the opening of the UN Climate Summit.

House of Green

As a part of Copenhagen’s involvement in the C40, the city chairs the Green Growth Network, whose role is to link sustainable municipal development with innovation and job growth. Through its participati-on in the network, New York has developed an interest in what Co-penhagen is doing to address global warming.

On Monday, Lord Mayor Jensen will officially open the House of Green Exhibition at the Danish Cleantech Hub, operated by the Con-federation of Danish Industry. The office is envisioned as a beachhead for Danish cleantech companies looking to enter the American market.

The establishment of the Danish Cleantech Hub was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Copenhagen and the city of New York.

“The House of Green and Danish Cleantech Hub will make it easier for Danish companies to win public and private contracts. I am con-vinced that a closer cleantech partnership will benefit both cities and help create jobs in Copenhagen,” Lord Mayor Frank Jensen says.

New York will in the coming years invest $20 million in climate adap-tation and sustainable development. Danish cleantech firms are among the global leaders in this area, but the American market can be difficult to penetrate. The Danish Cleantech Hub will seek to help by opening doors to the American authorities and to potential partner firms.

The opening of House of Green will be attended by HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Lord Mayor Jensen, Confederation of Danish Indu-stry CEO Karsten Dybvad, Kyle Kimball, President of New York City Economic Development Corporation, as well as key stakeholders from New York and Denmark.

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