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  1. Copenhagen's organic food revolution

    23.05.2016, Kl. 16.09

    From having to settle for pre-cooked meals citizens are now served up to 90 per cent organic food.

  2. Self-service opening hours (Selvbetjent åbningstid)

    10.09.2015, Kl. 10.11

    Now you can use libraries and cultural centres outside normal opening hours.

  3. Frontrunner Cities and Industry Leaders Join Forces in Copenhagen on a United Approach towards COP21 in Paris

    09.12.2014, Kl. 00.00

    COP21 climate summit in Paris in 2015.

  4. Copenhagen Delegation to Promote Sustainable Technology in Beijing

    03.12.2014, Kl. 00.00

    Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen departs for Beijing for an official visit on Wednesday.

  5. Tackling climate change: Copenhagen's sustainable city design

    18.11.2014, Kl. 15.52

    Global warming poses a real threat to cities but planners in the Danish capital are taking visionary steps to ensure its resilience.

  6. Green growth: a viable option for Europe?

    18.11.2014, Kl. 15.44

    In this edition of Real Economy, we head to Copenhagen, to take a look at how Denmark is making green not just a colour but a way of life.

  7. Copenhagen can turn the Big Apple.

    18.09.2014, Kl. 00.00

    "Cities play a decisive role in the global fight against climate change."

  8. Going green is the road to growth.

    22.05.2014, Kl. 00.00

    In a new report produced by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Copenhagen has been named as a role model.


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