Before you move

There are some things you need to do and consider before you take the step and move to Copenhagen.

Before moving to Copenhagen

Find a job

If you do not already have a job, you can find some useful links to various job databases here.

Remember to check your rights as an employee regarding holiday, parental leave, working hours, etc.

Accompanying spouses

Accompanying spouses who live within the City of Copenhagen can join the Copenhagen Career Program for information about courses, employment with salary subsidy, internships and much more.


Students who live within the City of Copenhagen can join the 6-month career program, Greater Copenhagen Career Program.
The program combines different job search seminars with matchmaking events taking place in different settings such as private companies, unions, etc.

Find a study program

Denmark tops the United Nations Education Index and Danish qualifications are recognised throughout the world. Study in Denmark has a useful website.

Find a home

Finding a place to live is often difficult. Get started as soon as possible, especially if you plan on renting or buying a home in the city center. Get more information about finding a home at or

Be aware that you cannot apply for a CPR number before you have found a place to live and actually live at the address.

You might be able to get Housing Benefits, so called Boligstøtte. You can check this as soon as you have moved to Denmark and hold a NemID – see the tab 'When you arrive'.

Get information about daycare or schools

Start exploring the different options. Please note that you cannot begin the enrollment process before you have actually moved to Denmark.

Get information about Daycare.

Schools: You can choose a Danish or international school for your child – some are public, some are private. Here you can read more about international basic schools in Denmark.

Bringing personal belongings

Bringing a pet

The family pet is of course welcome; however, there might be some requirements.

Bringing your car

It is possible to bring your foreign registered motor vehicle to Denmark. See what to do at

Check driver’s license

Prepare and bring documents

Get the following documents ready and have them at hand at all times during your stay – that goes for all family members joining you in Denmark:

  • A valid passport / national ID card

If relevant:

  • Residence permit (only applicable to family member from non-EU countries)
  • Marriage or registered partnership certificate
  • Birth certificates for children joining you in Denmark 

Start learning Danish

We recommend that you start practising Danish as it will often be much easier for you to network, private and professionally, if you speak and understand basic Danish – get started here! Held og lykke!


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