When you work or study

When you come to Copenhagen to work or study there are different things you need to know and things that are nice to know.

Working and/or studying in Copenhagen

Find a job

If you do not already have a job, you can find some useful links to various job databases here.

Remember to check your rights as an employee regarding holiday, parental leave, working hours, etc.

Accompanying spouses

Accompanying spouses who live within the City of Copenhagen can join the Copenhagen Career Program for information about courses, employment with salary subsidy, internships and much more.


Students who live within the City of Copenhagen can join the 6-month career program, Greater Copenhagen Career Program.
The program combines different job search seminars with matchmaking events taking place in different settings such as private companies, unions, etc.

Register for tax and check your preliminary income assessment

If you work in Denmark, you have to apply for a Danish tax card and a personal tax number. SKAT (the tax office) has made a guide for you.

Please note that some researchers and highly paid employees are able to get certain tax advantages.

Check your preliminary income assessment at

Get information about unemployment insurance

In case you lose your job, help and assistance is available from a Danish job center.

If you want to be insured against unemployment when working in Denmark, you have to join a Danish unemployment insurance fund. Once you have joined an unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse), you must pay contributions.

Get information about your pension agreement

If you decide to move before you retire, you can transfer your pension to a bank outside of Denmark.

Find a study program

Denmark tops the United Nations Education Index and Danish qualifications are recognised throughout the world. Study in Denmark has a useful website.

Get information about the Danish Grants and Loans Scheme (SU)

Check the guide to diploma recognition

You can have your diploma, degree or certificate assessed and recognised in various ways. The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education provides assessments of foreign qualifications.


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