Culture and leisure

Here is a guide to cultural activities and leisure life in Copenhagen in general.

Culture and leisure life in Copenhagen

Find your way around the region

Greater Copenhagen has a well-developed infrastructure with good conditions for cars, bicycles and commuters.

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Get to know the local community and find a leisure life activity

Greater Copenhagen has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and cultural experiences that you can make use of, and many are free of charge. Many Danes are members of a sports club or do volunteer work. It’s a good way to network after working hours – and it’s fun too! Visit these websites for more information:

The International House Leisure Guides can help you find leisure activities and clubs that suit your needs. Furthermore, everyone is welcome to participate in their many informative and social events about banking, housing, daycare, trade unions, volunteering, workplace culture, leisure and much more.

Be sure to follow International House Copenhagen on Facebook for relevant information about events and activities in Copenhagen.

If you want to have a say in matters that affect your life in Greater Copenhagen / Southern Sweden, you can join the online survey-based community, International Talent Forum. Here, you will receive an online survey twice a year and be invited to social events.


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