Getting married in Copenhagen

You can apply to get married in Copenhagen, elsewhere in Denmark or abroad as early as 4 months before your expected marriage date.

To get married in Denmark or abroad, you need to fill in a notice of marriage (ægteskabserklæring) and have it approved. The earliest you can apply is four months before you wish to get married. 

When the notice of marriage is approved, a certificate of marital status (prøvelsesattest) will be issued if you are getting married in Denmark. If you are getting married abroad, a marriage licence (ægteskabsattest) will be issued.

Marriage applications are either handled by the Agency of Family Law or the municipalities in Denmark. Where you apply depends on you and your partner's nationalities or residence status in Denmark.   

Marriage handled by the Agency of Family Law

You should apply through the Agency of Family Law if one or both of you:

  • are not Danish or Nordic citizens
  • do not have permanent residence in Denmark 
  • have not obtained a right of permanent residence in Denmark according to the Executive Order on EU Residence.

Read more and apply through the Agency of Family Law 

Marriage handled by the municipality

You should apply through the municipality where you and your partner are registered at (bopælskommune) if both of you are:

  • Danish or Nordic citizens
  • OR have permanent residence in Denmark
  • OR have a right of permanent residence in Denmark according to the Executive Order on EU Residence

You both need NemID to complete the application online. You will receive a reply through your Digital Post (e-Boks).

Apply through the municipality