Find out how to request a NemID, download the code app, get a new code card, and choose a new password.

About NemID

Who can get a NemID?

You can get a NemID if you are 15 years or older and have a Danish CPR number.

You do not need to be a Danish citizen to obtain a NemID. You can also get a NemID if you have a Danish residence permit, work in Denmark, or study in Denmark, for instance.

How to get a NemID

You can obtain a NemID by booking an appointment with Citizen Service.

For your appointment you must bring

EITHER one form of identification with photo

Please note: If your CPR number does not appear on the picture ID, you will also need to bring identification showing your CPR number.

Acceptable forms of picture IDs:

  • Driving licence issued in an EU/EEA country, Greenland, or the Faroe Islands. If your driving licence is not Danish, please bring your yellow health card as well.
  • Digital driving licence in the ‘Kørekort’ app
  • Danish moped licence of the credit card type
  • Passport (non-provisional passport). If your passport is not Danish, please bring your yellow health card as well.
  • NATO passport
  • Military ID card (from Denmark)
  • Police ID card (from Denmark)
  • Residence permit with photo issued in Denmark
  • Danish banks’ ID card
  • National ID card with photo issued by a public authority in your home country and which can be used as a travel document in Schengen states.

OR two forms of identification without a photo

If you do not have a photo ID, you can use two forms of identification from the list below, instead. One of them must be a birth or name certificate, health insurance card, or certificate of residence, and at least one of them must show your CPR number.

  • Baptism, name, or person certificate.
  • Health insurance card (non-temporary), health insurance card app, special health insurance card, or certificate of residence
  • Your most recent tax assessment notice or preliminary income assessment
  • Documentation for social benefits you have received (no more than 3 months old).

If you have lived in Denmark for less than two years

We always ask security questions when a resident requests a NemID. We do this to ensure that we are giving the NemID to the right person.

If you have only lived in Denmark for a short time, we may not have sufficient information about you in the CPR registry for the security questions. Therefore, we recommend that you bring a witness, a person who can testify that you are who you say you are, just in case.

The witness must be 18 or older, have a Danish CPR number, and must bring a valid picture ID of their own as well as their NemID or MitID. The witness' MitID must have been created at least 10 days in advance.

You can also bring a professional witness:

  • a social worker
  • a social mediator
  • an employee at the probation service
  • a job consultant or a
  • police officer

The professional witness must bring MitID, employee ID and the employers CVR number.

If you reside abroad

If you are a Danish citizen but do not have a registered address in Denmark, you can obtain a NemID if you

For people who are blind or have visual impairments

Partially sighted people can get a code card in large font.

If you are blind, you can order a NemID with voice response at (in Danish).

New code card if you have address protection

If you would like to order a new code card but your address is listed as private (name and address protection,) you must first register a delivery address with NemID so that they can send you the code card. Then you can order a new code card.

To register a delivery address you need to log in using NemID. If you have no keys left on your code card, you can book an appointment with Citizen Service where we can help you register the delivery address.

Register a delivery address NemID (in Danish)

Book an appointment with Citizen Service to register a delivery address (in Danish) 

Order a new code card when you have registered your delivery address (in Danish)


Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your NemID password, you can order a temporary password at (in Danish).

You will receive the temporary password by mail within four weekdays. 

Get the code app

With the code app you log on with a single swipe and you never run out of codes.

A minimum of two codes must be left on your old code card in order to be able to activate the code app.

You can still use your code card though you have the code app.

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

Updating your personal information

Some residents will receive a letter or Digital Post from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen (the Agency of Digitisation) that they need to update their personal information in their NemID, so they can later have a MitID.

If Digitaliseringsstyrelsen (the Agency of Digitisation) has not written to you, you do not need to do anything.

If you have received a letter from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen and you do not update your personal information, your NemID will still work as usual.

In the NemID code app, a message says that some users must update their personal information in NemID. You can ignore this message if Digitaliseringsstyrelsen has not written to you that you must update your personal information. Your NemID will also continue to work as usual should you have updated the information in the app, even if you have not been asked to do so.

How to update your personal information

If you have the NemID code app, you can update your personal information yourself. See how to do it at the Danish Agency for Digitization's website (in Danish).

If you do not have the NemID code app, you can download it to your smartphone from App Store or Google Play.

If you have questions, or if you have problems updating your personal information, you can contact the NemID support at 33 98 00 12 or

You are also welcome to book an appointment with Citizen Service if you need help updating your personal information.

Need help with NemID?

If you have questions or if you need help using NemID, you can call the NemID support at 72 24 70 50.

You can also find help at

MitID is replacing NemID

Before the summer 2022, all residents and citizens with a NemID must have a MitID.

Although you get a MitID, you should keep and hold on to your NemID until midyear 2022. Until then you may still need to use your NemID in some places.

You will receive notice once MitID has fully replaced NemID and you no longer need your NemID.

Read more about MitID


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