Vesterbro Svømmehal

With its central location, Vesterbro Svømmehal is the main swimming facility for the neighbourhood of Vesterbro.

Here, visitors can enjoy a good swim, hone their diving skills, or relax and reboot through a session of “sauna gus.” 

What we are about  

Located just a short walk from the buzzing area of Sønder Boulevard as well as the modern district of Carlsberg Byen, Vesterbro Svømmehal is at the heart of where old meets new in the popular neighborhood of Vesterbro. The main facility at Vesterbro Svømmehal is the six-laned 25-meter pool, known for its large open windows offering a view of Angelgade. Vesterbro Svømmehal is home to several sports associations within the fields of swimming, synchronized swimming, as well as diving. 

In addition to its swimming facilities, Vesterbro Svømmehal offers various saunas to help swimmers reboot and recharge after a dip in the water as well as a chance to experience sessions of sauna therapy known as “sauna gus”. Occasionally, Vesterbro Svømmehal hosts other events such as swimming competitions and diving training. 

What we have to offer  

The main facility at Vesterbro Svømmehal is the 25-meter pool with a depth of 1,1 to 3,8 meters with diving towers of 1 to 3 meters at the deep end. Both the men’s and the women’s locker rooms are equipped with saunas and an infrared sauna is located near the main pool for all visitors to use. This sauna is occasionally used to host sessions of “sauna gus”, which requires booking in advance through the website. Furthermore, Vesterbro Svømmehal is home to several sports associations with members of all ages in swimming, synchronized swimming and diving. For more information on the facilities and sports associations at Vesterbro Svømmehal, please: 
Visit the official website of Vesterbro Svømmehal. 

How people can get involved  

If you are interested in learning more about the sports associations and how to join, you can reach out directly to the association of your interest. 

For more information on sports associations at Vesterbro Svømmehal, please: 
Visit the official website of Vesterbro Svømmehal. 

How to engage?

During working hours, the facilities at Vesterbro Svømmehal are open to the public, though exceptions are made in the case of events such as swimming competitions and diving training.  

For more information on upcoming events and opening hours, please: 
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