Nørrebrohallen is a large multicultural and sports facility.

Nørrebrohallen is a large multicultural and sports facility, known for its iconic location in the culturally diverse neighbourhood of Nørrebro. A favoured hotspot by locals, it is always buzzing with life and activities for young and old alike. 

What we are about

Located in an old tram-depot right by the iconic Red Square in the heart of one of Copenhagen’s most popular neighbourhoods, Nørrebrohallen is a large multicultural and sports facility like no other. Here, visitors can practice a variety of sports, including basketball, football, handball as well as climbing, squash and table tennis. When its courts are not used for sports, you can experience a wide spectrum of events, including flea markets, concerts, conferences and the famous bingo nights. 

Additionally, Nørrebrohallen is also home to the local library of Nørrebro as well as a café run by a coop called Send Flere Krydderier, literally meaning “Send More Spices.” The coop is created by the local immigrant-women’s centre, which focuses on empowerment and inclusion of women from ethnic minorities. Here, visitors can experience homemade organic cooking from all parts of the world and the café regularly hosts large communal dinings open to everyone at a low cost. 

What we have to offer  

Visiting Nørrebrohallen can in itself be an experience, since there is always something going on, and in Nørrebro being a culturally diverse neighbourhood, most activities do not require Danish language skills. Due to its size and wide selection of sports facilities, Nørrebrohallen is home to several sports associations, all of which are used to welcoming international members. If you are interested in using the sports facilities for a private event, you can also book the different courts up to three weeks in advance. All booking is done online through the official website. 

In addition to its sports associations and facilities, Nørrebrohallen is also home to a large variety of cultural events, ranging from literature, music and movies, as well as events for children, teenagers and adults specifically. 

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Visit the official website of Nørrebrohallen booking. 

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How people can get involved  

If you are interested in learning more about the different sports associations at Nørrebrohallen, do not hesitate to reach out directly to the association of your interest. 

For more information on sports associations at Nørrebrohallen and how to reach out, please: 
Visit the official website of Nørrebrohallen. 

How to engage?

Nørrebrohallen is always staffed during working hours, so if you have any questions or just want to check out the facilities, you are more than welcome to stop by. You can always find English-speaking staff at the information centre in the main hall. 

For more information on opening hours and how to get in touch, please: 
Visit the official website of Nørrebrohallen.