The 6 bathing zones in Copenhagen

There are six bathing zones in Copenhagen; all of them are restricted areas, where bathing is permitted both day and night.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to go for a quick dip on your way home from work, or you just want to hang out somewhere less populated than the harbour baths, Copenhagen’s bathing zones are the places to go. Centrally located, they are the perfect spots to stop by and go for a swim on a sunny day in Copenhagen – some of them are even open all year round, so if you can boast about being a winter bather, there is plenty of opportunity at the different bathing zones. 

What we’re about

There are six bathing zones in Copenhagen; all of them are restricted areas, where bathing is permitted both day and night. The quality of the water is being checked by the authorities on a daily basis. You can check the water quality here or check the on-site lamp, which will alert you in the case of poor water quality. The bathing zones are not overseen by lifeguards so please be advised that swimming is at your own risk – however, the areas are equipped with both floodlights, buoys, rescue posts, and rescue ladders. For more information on the bathing zones, please: 
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Copenhagen's 6 bathing zones

Halfdansgade Bathing Zone

Further down the street from Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, you will find Halfdansgade Bathing Zone. It is a smaller space, and being less populated than the harbour bath, it is the perfect place to go if you are looking to go for a quick swim. For more information on seasonal opening dates and address, please: 
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Halvandet Bathing Zone

At the very popular venue, Refshaleøen, you will find Halvandet Bathing Zone. It is located right by Reffen, notoriously known for its street food market, events, and great atmosphere during the whole summer. Thus, making it tempting to combine the swim with a meal or a night out at Reffen. For more information on seasonal opening dates and address, please: 
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Havnevigen Bathing Zone

In the most southern part of Islands Brygge, you will find Havnevigen Bathing Zone – the city’s smallest sandy beach. It is 250 m long and has a water depth ranging from 90 cm to 2 m, making it the ideal spot for both families, young and old to hang out on a sunny day. The area furthermore has a café, if you prefer the beach atmosphere at a distance, or just want to grab a bite to eat after your swim. For more information on seasonal opening dates and address, please: 
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Sandkaj Bathing Zone

In the new and increasingly popular Nordhavn, you will find Sandkaj Bathing Zone. It is open year-round – during summer it is a much-loved spot for sun-lounging and bathing in the harbour while in winter it’s mostly winter-bather that take advantage of the facilities. It is located in the Århusgade quarter where cafés and restaurants keep opening and create a buzzing feel around the bathing zone. For more information about the Sandkaj Bathing zone, please: 
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Søndre Refshalebassin Bathing Zone

In the southern part of popular Refshaleøen, you will find Søndre Refshalebassin. It consists of two pools, one of which is 8x12 m and another that is 8x50 m, both with a depth around 6-8 m. The bathing zone is located very close to the well-visited café La Banchina and Reffen, notoriously known for its street food market, events, and great atmosphere during the whole summer. For more information on seasonal opening dates and address, please: 
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Kalvebod Bølge Bathing Zone

Right across Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, you will find Kalvebod Bølge Bathing Zone. Kalvebod Bølge, which means Kalvebod Wave, is a place that entices relaxation, activities and fun: The promenade rises to different levels and stretches out into the harbour providing space for a range of water activities. It consists of smaller activity zones and pools with many possible sports, including kayaking. For more information on seasonal opening dates and address, please: 
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