Sluseholmen Havnebad

Sluseholmen Harbour Bath is a small but beautifully designed area with swimming facilities in the southern part of Copenhagen Harbour.

Sluseholmen Harbour Bath is a small but beautifully designed area with swimming facilities in the southern part of Copenhagen Harbour. With its wooden construction on floating pontoons and views of both modern buildings and green trees, it is a favoured spot for both locals and visitors to enjoy themselves on a sunny day. 

What we are about

Out of the three harbour baths in Copenhagen, Sluseholmen Harbour Bath is the newest one. It was built in 2011 with the intention of making the area attractive to the local population, which with urban development in Sydhavnen has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Sluseholmen Harbour Bath is also known as The Coral Bath, as it was designed with the beautiful and organic form of a coral reef in mind. Access to the harbour bath is via a gangway that – like the bath itself – follows the movement of the tide. 

What we have to offer

Sluseholmen Harbour Bath consists of a protective lagoon-like area for swimmers, divers and children, and it offers three pools: A small children’s pool, which is 0.3 m deep, a youth pool that is 0.9 m deep, and a larger pool for exercise swimming and diving. The harbour bath additionally offers a diving tower, which is 3.5 m tall, and the quality of the water is being checked by the authorities on a daily basis. Sluseholmen Harbour Bath is monitored by lifeguards during the whole season – for more information on seasonal opening dates and lifeguard staffing, please: 
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